5 Great Ideas for a Better Practice in 2017

Wondering where to start in getting your practice ready for the new year? Consider some of Incisor's tips for starting 2017 off strong!

Sweep House
Don’t let junk pile up into the new year! Throw out, donate or sell supplies and equipment that go unused, and clear out any expired product in storage. After you’ve completed the purge, give your staff a half day and get the carpets cleaned (if you don’t do so regularly) to freshen up the waiting room and other spaces. Swap out some of the art or decorations for new ones and consider re-arranging the seating area just for fun!

Conduct An Efficiency Audit
New practice owners and seasoned veterans alike can benefit from sitting down with the office staff and any associates to ask, "What could we do to make our jobs easier?" Suggestions such as moving the printer to a more centralized location, or printing paperwork to different printers based on type can save a lot of time and energy better directed towards production. Associates can work with dental assistants to see if anything else could be ready and waiting when the doctor arrives in the operatory.

Recalls, Recalls, Recalls
The new year is when most people make short-lived promises about improving their health, so take advantage of this while their resolutions are fresh! Schedule as many exams and hygiene recalls as you can, and consider expanding your hours for the months of January and February. Small promotions like a "Resolution Coupon" for free x-rays can tip patient decisions in your favor.

Plan Your CE for the Year
Take advantage of early registration discounts for continuing education opportunities and get your schedule in order so you’re not scrambling for a spot in boring courses later in the year! Get your staff involved and see what they think you should learn to benefit the practice, and what kinds of development they’d like to do for themselves as well. Lynda.com courses in basic website maintenance and photography are another great idea to shift more of the easy technological work to your office staff rather than hiring expensive IT consultants and professional photographers.

Make Team Building a Priority
A cohesive team is critical to the success of a dental practice, and makes all the difference when rushing to accomplish everything on a busy schedule. Fostering communication and teamwork between staff members can be challenging, and time consuming events like "retreats" and complex exercises easily spring to mind. Far easier is to start your morning huddle with a fun word game or play a "funny video of the day" on YouTube. A good laugh and some mental gymnastics are a great way to wake up and get ready for another productive day!

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