ADA Focuses on Children and "Underserved" Population

The American Dental Association today released the first in a series of papers examining the challenges and solutions to bringing good oral health to the millions of Americans—including as many as one-quarter of the nation's children—who lack access to dental more.

Mobile dental clinic brings care to poor children in honor of 12-year-old victim

The Deamonte Driver Dental Van, a mobile dental clinic named for the 12-year-old who died from an infected tooth, made its first stop at the Foundation School in Largo on Nov. 11, 2010.

Laughing Gas For Childbirth: Is It Safe?

The use of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, during childbirth fell out of favor in the United States decades ago, and after a long hiatus the equipment needed to administer it is expected to hit the market soon...

Heart Failure Awareness Week: Double-check your pulse ox accessories

The Heart Failure Association of America is currently hosting Heart Failure Awareness Week. High blood pressure is a risk factor in heart failure, and as a dentist it is important to ensure that all your pulse oximeter accessories are up to date for your patients’ safety.

Social Media - Everybody's talking at me

Do you seek more business, want to announce new procedures or rates, or simply desire a more natural connection with your patients? Whatever your motivation for contact and growth, social media offers the most effective and least expensive solution.

Veterans possibly exposed to hepatitis, HIV, during routine dental work

More than 500 veterans in Ohio are being contacted by a clinic where they may have been exposed to hepatitis and HIV during routine dental work, according to Ohio Veterans Affairs communications offic

Justice Dept. urged to slowly increment additional website regulations for dental practitioners

The ADA urges the Justice Department "to take an extended and incremental approach" on new website regulations that will take "millions of dollars and years of work."

Update on PSD for Your Practice

The 2010 U.S. census results are now available, and they continue to show what we already reviewed in our PSD course—the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population is the 0 to 17 age group.

Leadership’s changing face

Coaches—not generals—inspire today’s office. Victory results when one team outthinks another, a coach’s inspirational teaching takes root and extraordinary performance unfolds on the field.

Train your team to win: patients

The only thing worse than a terrified patient on the telephone is an equally terrified team member on the other end of the call.

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