Learn to care for anxious and fearful patients using oral sedatives. This gateway course is one of our most popular; it provides the necessary training to administer sedation to healthy adults. Sessions are taught by renowned faculty
who are also practicing doctors — a Harvard Medical School professor and distinguished practicing dentists — and cover everything you need to know to integrate sedation into your practice. Class format consists of informative and engaging lectures
and discussion.


  • Learn to assess healthy adult patients
  • Understand basic pharmacology
  • Grasp tenets of airway management
  • Review established protocols
  • Recognize and address common emergencies

Your sedation dentistry education doesn't simply end after attending one course. DOCS Education's Oral Sedation Recertification course is the best way to keep your skills fresh – and fulfill CE requirements. Updating your skills and protocols ensures that you are providing your patients with the most advanced, comprehensive care available. That's why DOCS Education recommends that all dentists participate in recertification courses at least once every two years.

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This course is a dynamic New Jersey permit-qualifying seminar; it is approved by the New Jersey dental board and held at New York University. This course is comprised of informative and engaging lectures, demonstrations and clinical experiences that will help you safely and effectively integrate oral conscious sedation into your practice.

Participants observe the administration of oral conscious sedation to patients in a clinical setting through video experiences. Instruction on emergency drugs, airway management, nitrous oxide, pharmacology and patient selection are also included in the 3-day course.

Advances in sedation care make it a valuable and safe treatment option for pediatric patients. Course topics include the unique physiology and psychology of children; advanced pediatric airway management (APAM); how to communicate with parents; and practice management techniques. Team members who attend this course will receive customized training in a day-long team breakout session. The class is taught by several of the nation's leading pediatric dentists, and is comprised of lecture and discussion.


  • Learn to assess pediatric patients
  • Understand basic pharmacology
  • Review how to monitor equipment
  • Grasp tenets of advanced pediatric airway management
  • Recognize and address common emergencies
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Information evolves, as do protocols, pharmaceuticals and best practices, which are critical to providing safe and effective sedation for children. Recertify to stay compliant or just refresh your understanding of the latest developments in pediatric sedation dentistry. Course highlights include effective use of the Broselow® Pediatric Emergency Tape to quickly determine the right medication doses for children. Note: This course curriculum meets the requirements for permit renewal in most states.

Do you need to renew your minimal sedation permit, or just want to get up to speed on the latest in minimal sedation skills and knowledge? DOCS Education's Minimal Sedation Recertification 1-day courses focus on either adult nitrous oxide or adult single-dose minimal sedation; each provides participants with cutting-edge training in safe and effective minimal sedation protocols. These courses are great opportunities for team member training too.

Individuals suffering from chronic medical problems are one of the fastest-growing segments of your patient population. These patients benefit from sedation dentistry, as it is the safest and least stressful way to receive care. Participate in the Master Series – Advanced Sedation, presented by world-renowned doctors Tony Feck and Leslie Fang, and learn to safely manage sedation appointments of ASA III+ patients with asthma, diabetes, bleeding disorders, and more in this two-day intensive didactic and hands-on program.

Learn critical facts on next-generation medications:

  • New anticoagulants beyond Coumadin
  • New antiplatelets beyond Plavix
  • New bisphosphonate/osteonecrosis of the jaw guidelines
  • New metformin guidelines for type 2 diabetes
  • And much, much more
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Obstructive sleep apnea brings with it heightened risk for serious illness, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, as well as a greatly increased danger of fatal automobile accidents due to drowsy driving.

Dentists can play a major role in addressing this growing public health crisis.

Participate in Master Series – Dental Sleep Medicine, presented by one of the profession’s most-respected instructors, John H. Tucker, DMD, and learn how to safely and effectively incorporate treatment for sleep apnea into your existing practice.

Dentists who implement Dr. Tucker’s expert training will witness a twofold benefit for patients: First, their existing patients need not visit an unfamiliar dentist to receive the increasingly-in-demand treatment; Second, patients who first visit a dentist solely for treatment of their sleep apnea, often find the process so rewarding that they come to trust their sleep dentist for all of their oral health needs.

Learn everything you need to know to begin offering sleep dentistry immediately:

  • The safest and most effective sleep dentistry protocols, backed by science and clinical experience
  • Which patients qualify for dental sleep appliances and how to restore the oral health of those who aren’t eligible
  • How to work collaboratively with a licensed sleep physician and obtain the necessary diagnosis
  • How to navigate billing issues, including Medicare and Medicaid, to avoid hassles
  • Why sleep dentistry, as taught by DOCS Education, is safer and leads to fewer complications than most common oral health treatments
  • And much, much more

Learn how to handle medical emergencies with a hands-on ACLS course specifically designed for dental offices. In DALS, participants will gain the critical skills required to respond to respiratory failure, airway obstruction, cardiac problems and anaphylaxis. Classes are taught by instructors who are certified, trained and practicing emergency professionals. Using patient simulators, participants will get hands-on experience using equipment common to most dental offices to be able to manage real life emergency scenarios.

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Nothing is more important to your practice than making sure you and your team are ready for a medical emergency with the most up-to-date information. New advances happen every day in this field and it is critical to keep your response skills on the cutting edge. This dynamic 1-day course is designed for dental offices; you will learn from top industry professionals about important new advances in emergency care research and clinical practices to maintain the skills and protocols taught in DALS®.

When practicing sedation dentistry, advanced airway management is a critical skill to keep you and your patients safe. In this one-day course, through repetitive hands-on training, you will become proficient at applying different techniques for airway management and resuscitation.

Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry and DOCS Education have partnered to offer this IV Sedation Certification course. This dynamic program provides clinicians with the knowledge and clinical skills to properly select and safely administer effective intravenous minimal and moderate conscious sedation in an outpatient dental setting. This course includes 60 hours of didactic instruction and clinical instruction with at least 20 live patient experiences; it also satisfies U.S. and Canadian requirements for IV sedation.


  • Learn to safely and effectively administer minimal and moderate IV sedation
  • Master patient evaluation, assessment and selection
  • Understand the pharmacology of sedation medications
  • Recognize and manage medical emergencies associated with sedation
  • Demonstrate parenteral and enteral techniques

Get up-to-date training on IV Sedation to renew your permit or learn more about providing this service at your practice. Participants will learn current, clinically-relevant minimal and moderate sedation skills and protocols that are specifically customized for dental care.


  • Learn fresh protocols and the science of new medications
  • Get hands-on, one-on-one emergency training using SimMan®
  • Sharpen venipuncture skills using practice model arms
  • Understand proper IV case selection and protocols through real-life studies
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This course is specifically designed for New Jersey dentists. It meets the renewal requirements for the IV (PCS) permit by the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry. In-person and online classroom components provide a nuanced and comprehensive education. Learn about the science behind IV sedation, while receiving one-on-one instruction, critical safety training and more with this custom-tailored curriculum.

Learn the fundamentals of providing safe and comfortable dental care to adult patients using nitrous oxide with a single-dose sedative. Using single-dose sedation in conjunction with N2O offers greater benefits to anxious patients than using either one separately. In this 2-day course, DOCS Education will show you how to combine these two time-tested methods to better serve your patients.