VAPOR-TRAK® Nitrous Oxide Monitor


Pack of 4 Monitors

You spend time and money to ensure your patient's safety. Don't overlook yourself and your team. Know your exposure to Nitrous Oxide in the dental office.

VAPOR-TRAK® Nitrous Oxide monitors are easy to use and inexpensive. The clip-on badges are worn during regular dental treatments for up to eight hours, and then mailed (pre-paid mailer included) to an independent testing lab. The lab will promptly test the badges and email a full analysis report back to your office with the findings for your records. An employee exposure history is maintained and if elevate levels are detected, you will receive immediate notification. Upon receipt of the results lab technicians are available over the phone to discuss the results with you, should you have any additional questions.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommends quarterly testing of nitrous oxide levels in dental offices. Even with scavenging and ventilation systems in place NIOSH has found dental offices with levels as high as 40 times the recommended limits. Long term over exposure to nitrous oxide can cause serious health issues such as headaches, renal and liver disease and complications with pregnancy. For more information see the Fall issue of the DOCS Digest.

Badges (4 per pack), pre-paid mailer, and test analysis are all included! Order today, don't put off your safety!

For discounts on 2 or more packs contact your DOCS Education representative.