Personalized Learning Experience Hospital Pediatric and Teen Dentistry


Learn. Observe. Implement.

A 1-day, firsthand program featuring five live pediatric and/or adolescent sedation dentistry patients.

When you participate in this 1-day personalized learning experience, you'll gain several benefits, including:

  • Real-life lessons – You'll observe five live pediatric and/or adolescent sedation dentistry patients
  • Expert instruction – Our highly experienced faculty will walk you through actual procedures
  • Personal attention – In this small, intimate setting, you and your team will be sure to get any and all questions answered
  • Expand your knowledge – Build on what you've already learned in the 3-day Pediatric Sedation Dentistry and/or Teen Sedation Dentistry course

Everything you need to successfully treat pediatric and teen patients in a hospital setting—all in one course.

Pediatric and adolescent patients sometimes require dental treatment under general anesthesia in a hospital (for example, those with asthma, diabetes or other chronic health conditions and those who have behavioral disorders such as autism or ADHD). Since most dentists lack familiarity with the hospital setting, this course offers a practical and focused one-day introduction. The seminar teaches clinical skills as well as demonstrates how to obtain the documentation and experience necessary to become a credentialed doctor at a medical facility.

Gain Firsthand Experience

The Hospital Pediatric and Teen Dentistry course has been designed to enhance and optimize the information learned in the Pediatric Sedation Dentistry and Teen Sedation Dentistry classroom courses through a personal, over-the-shoulder experience. It enables doctors and staff to experience direct clinical techniques of treating patients in the hospital by DOCS Education faculty.

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    Participants will observe and experience the treatment of approximately five pediatric and/or adolescent patients in the hospital. Aspects of the clinical training will include:

    • Presurgical preparation by dentist, anesthesiologist and hospital staff
    • Infection control techniques
    • Equipment review, including dental radiology
    • General anesthesia via intravenous and inhalation routes and with nasal and oral intubation
    • Restorative and surgical dental procedures in the operating room
    • Postoperative and recovery room procedures
    • Discharge of patient in concert with physician and hospital staff
  • Faculty

    Dr. Roger Sanger

    Dr. Roger Sanger, DOCS Education's Pediatric Sedation Dentistry lead instructor, is a graduate of the University of Southern California (USC) School of Dentistry. He completed a residency in pediatric dentistry as well as a fellowship in rehabilitation and received a Masters in Health Care from USC Medical Center and Hospitals prior to entering private practice. A lifelong educator, Dr. Sanger has served as an attending faculty member at USC Children's Hospital and the University of Colorado Medical Center. In private practice for over 27 years, he went on to found a multi-doctor, multi-office children's dental group serving six counties on the central coast of California. The group was a leader in establishing two children's dental surgicenters that treat over 5,000 cases of pediatric oral sedation a year.

    Dr. Sanger has personally completed over 10,000 pediatric cases over the course of his career. He has authored two clinical textbooks and numerous scientific articles, as well as a textbook on pediatric dental practice management. With fine attention to detail and a passion for writing, he has also been a contributing editor for Dentistry Today. Utilizing the safest drugs and latest technology, Dr. Sanger believes that pediatric oral conscious sedation can allow dental practices to offer comprehensive care to anxious and unmanageable children while simultaneously reducing parental anxiety and increasing practice success.

    His warm and open teaching style coupled with his vast experience and passion for treating children enables Dr. Sanger to easily impart his knowledge to those he teaches.

    Dr. Kenji Saisho

    Dr. Kenji B. Saisho received his medical degree from the University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School in Chicago, IL and completed a residency in family medicine at UCLA Northridge Hospital. Prior to receiving a dental degree from the University of Pacific at San Francisco, he practiced family medicine in a large medical group for over 15 years. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine and keeps his medical education current. His diverse experience as both a physician and a dentist allows him to provide the highest level of comprehensive care for all of his patients.

    Dr. Saisho now practices dentistry with the Central Coast Pediatric Dental Group, a regional multi-office, multi-doctor pediatric dental group serving the dental needs of children and teenagers in the six counties comprising California's central coast. The group is a pioneer for advancing orally administered sedative medication techniques as an adjunct to comprehensive care for children and teenagers with dental anxiety and fear.

    Dr. Saisho joins two of his Central Coast Pediatric Dental Group colleagues, Dr. Roger G. Sanger and Dr. Peter C.J. Chiang, as a faculty member and instructor of DOCS Education's Pediatric Sedation Dentistry course.

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  • AGD PACE-approved

    All DOCS Education programs are AGD PACE-approved courses.

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