Pediatric Sedation Dentistry Recertification


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This one-day refresher course updates your knowledge of current developments in Pediatric Sedation Dentistry while also providing continuing education credits.

Help Kids Get the Care They Need

Update your pediatric sedation knowledge so that you can continue to offer your patients the best possible care. We can help bring you up to speed.

When you enroll in our Pediatric Sedation Dentistry Recertification course, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Refresh your knowledge – Stay on top of the latest developments and review oral sedation protocols and pharmacology
  • Learn from leading instructors – Our faculty are not only outstanding in their fields but also highly-regarded educators
  • Earn CE credits – Qualify for recertification within eight CE hours
  • Ensure patient safety – Review emergency procedures and how to treat complicated pediatric patients

Stay on the Cutting Edge of Dentistry

Information evolves, as do protocols, pharmaceuticals and best practices. Recertify to keep compliant—or just refresh your understanding of the latest developments in pediatric sedation dentistry. Stay up-to-date with this thorough this 1-day course offered by some of the nation's leading pediatric sedation dentists.

Here are some of the topics this course covers:

  • Review of drug regimens
  • Principles of pharmacology for sedation medications
  • Anatomical and physiological considerations
  • Patient assessment
  • How to treat the complicated patient
  • Metabolism of drugs and drug-drug interactions
  • Pediatric emergencies

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"This faculty is knowledgeable, engaging and accessible... A most enjoyable course."

– Terry Gordon, DDS

This class is open to dentists and staff members who want to create an environment of quality pediatric care. Sign up now to reserve your spot.

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    Pediatrics is one of the fastest growing areas of dentistry

    Course Details

    Students in this 1-day refresher course gain valuable, targeted, clinically-relevant information that can quickly be put to use. This course consists of lectures, discussion and hands-on practice.

    Course Objectives: Overview

    • Learn how to determine which patients are good candidates for pediatric oral sedation
    • Participate in airway management and sedation emergency training
    • Examine and review pharmacology
    • Explore the psychology, developmental stages, behavior, anatomy and physiology of children
    • Learn multiple pediatric oral sedation protocols and how to use them in combination with nitrous oxide
    • Master communication and behavior management techniques for patients and their parents
    • Establish strong, consistent safety procedures to ensure patient, doctor and team safety
    • Identify which pediatric patient monitoring equipment to use and how to use it
    • Leave with a solid understanding of pediatric oral sedation legal and regulatory issues
    • Learn the critical role each team member plays in sedation appointments
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    Date(s): 11/10/17 or 11/11/17 (or both)
    Times: 7:30am-5pm
    Meals: Lunch

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    Location: Seattle
    Closest Airport: Seattle Tacoma International Airport

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    Hotel: Westin Bellevue
    600 Bellevue Way NE
    Bellevue, WA 98004
    Phone: 425-638-1000

    Cost: $195/night


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  • Faculty

    Dr. Roger Sanger

    Dr. Roger Sanger, DOCS Education's Pediatric Sedation Dentistry lead instructor, is a graduate of the University of Southern California (USC) School of Dentistry. He completed a residency in pediatric dentistry as well as a fellowship in rehabilitation and received a Masters in Health Care from USC Medical Center and Hospitals prior to entering private practice. A lifelong educator, Dr. Sanger has served as an attending faculty member at USC Children's Hospital and the University of Colorado Medical Center. In private practice for over 27 years, he went on to found a multi-doctor, multi-office children's dental group serving six counties on the central coast of California. The group was a leader in establishing two children's dental surgicenters that treat over 5,000 cases of pediatric oral sedation a year.

    Dr. Sanger has personally completed over 10,000 pediatric cases over the course of his career. He has authored two clinical textbooks and numerous scientific articles, as well as a textbook on pediatric dental practice management. With fine attention to detail and a passion for writing, he has also been a contributing editor for Dentistry Today. Utilizing the safest drugs and latest technology, Dr. Sanger believes that pediatric oral conscious sedation can allow dental practices to offer comprehensive care to anxious and unmanageable children while simultaneously reducing parental anxiety and increasing practice success.

    His warm and open teaching style coupled with his vast experience and passion for treating children enables Dr. Sanger to easily impart his knowledge to those he teaches.

    Dr. Peter Chiang

    Dr. Peter C.J. Chiang received his dental degree from the University of California at Los Angeles Medical Center where he also completed a residency in pediatric dentistry. His pediatric dental specialties include growth and development, prevention, education, and maintenance of children's dental health.

    A passionate educator as well as a dedicated practitioner, Dr. Chiang serves as a pediatric dentistry lecturer at UCLA and is the managing partner of the Central Coast Pediatric Dental Group, a regional multi-office, multi-doctor pediatric dental group serving the dental needs of children and teenagers in the six counties comprising California's central coast. The group is a pioneer for advancing orally administered sedative medication techniques as an adjunct to comprehensive care for children and teenagers with dental anxiety and fear.

    Notably, Dr. Chiang designed the first children's surgicenter in California.

    He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, an active member of the Monterey Bay Dental Society, American Dental Association, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and the California Society of Pediatric Dentistry.

    Dr. Chiang joins two of his Central Coast Pediatric Dental Group colleagues, Dr. Roger G. Sanger and Dr. Kenji B, Saisho, as a faculty member and instructor of DOCS Education's Pediatric Sedation Dentistry course.

    Dr. Kenji Saisho

    Dr. Kenji B. Saisho received his medical degree from the University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School in Chicago, IL and completed a residency in family medicine at UCLA Northridge Hospital. Prior to receiving a dental degree from the University of Pacific at San Francisco, he practiced family medicine in a large medical group for over 15 years. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine and keeps his medical education current. His diverse experience as both a physician and a dentist allows him to provide the highest level of comprehensive care for all of his patients.

    Dr. Saisho now practices dentistry with the Central Coast Pediatric Dental Group, a regional multi-office, multi-doctor pediatric dental group serving the dental needs of children and teenagers in the six counties comprising California's central coast. The group is a pioneer for advancing orally administered sedative medication techniques as an adjunct to comprehensive care for children and teenagers with dental anxiety and fear.

    Dr. Saisho joins two of his Central Coast Pediatric Dental Group colleagues, Dr. Roger G. Sanger and Dr. Peter C.J. Chiang, as a faculty member and instructor of DOCS Education's Pediatric Sedation Dentistry course.

    Dr. Leslie Fang

    Dr. Leslie Shu-Tung Fang is the John R. Gallagher III and Katherine A. Gallagher Endowed Chair in Clinical Excellence at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

    He is a world-renowned physician, educator, businessman and speaker. He received his PhD in Physiology and Biophysics from the University of Illinois and his Doctorate of Medicine from Harvard Medical School. He is board certified in both Nephrology and Internal Medicine and has been repeatedly honored as one of “America’s Top Doctors” and “The Best Doctors of Boston.”

    While maintaining an active international practice in Internal Medicine and Nephrology in Boston, Dr. Fang also serves as a key teacher at Harvard Medical School and in Postgraduate Courses in Medicine. He has received numerous awards for excellence in teaching and is a highly sought-after teacher. At the Massachusetts General Hospital, he was Firm Chief of the Walter Bauer Firm and was the Chairman of the Internship Selection Committee in Medicine for 13 years. At Harvard Medical School, he was on the Clinical Clerkship Committee and on the Faculty Council.

    As a businessman, Dr. Fang has been associated with: FerruMax, MEDAcorp, Leerink Swann, Exit Strategy, Channel Three, LVI Global, WorldCare International, SpectraMed among many others.

    Widely respected in the medical, dental and academic communities, Dr. Fang is frequently a featured speaker at medical and dental conferences. He has authored many medical texts, teaching series and reference manuals. In dentistry, his textbooks Principles and Practice of Oral Medicine and Oral Medicine Secrets have received rave reviews. He co-authored interactive DVD from the EndoMagic Interactive Teaching Series, Antibiotics in Dentistry, was the top-selling DVD in the Series. His latest publication The Ultimate Cheat Sheets, a Practical Guide for the Dentist, has been named Educational Product of the Year by Clinicians’ Report every year from 2007 to 2015. In 2016, The Ultimate Cheat Sheets was named a Classic by Clinicians’ Report.

    A highly sought-after international speaker, Dr. Fang is on-stage over 100 times a year, teaching Medicine and Dentistry and often acts as a bridge between the two disciplines. He was named in the “Top 100 Clinicians in Continuing Education” by Dentistry Today in 2008.

    As faculty member of DOCS Education, Dr. Fang plays an integral part in the development of the curriculum, providing the medical backbone in sedation. He is involved in the teaching of Oral Sedation Dentistry, Master Series in Sedation, Pediatric Sedation Dentistry, Teen Sedation Dentistry, Sedation Recertification, IV Sedation and IV Sedation Recertification.

  • Why should I bring my team?

    "I brought some of the team with me, including two hygienists and our assistant manager—all of whom are extremely reluctant to try new things. I sat at lunch today listening with amazement as they told me what we need to do to implement this in our practice! Your enthusiasm is infectious, and I will be sending the rest of the team to this course!" - Karen Harriman, DDS DOCS Education considers the dental team a vital part of good patient care and urges every dentist to bring at least one staff member to courses. States differ in their sedation regulations. Visit to learn more. In most dental offices team members play an essential role. It's imperative that they be knowledgeable about the process to better serve the patient and the dentist.

  • Does insurance cover Pediatric Sedation?

    Many dental insurance carriers will pay for sedation. Again, there is wide variability in this area.

  • Where can I meet requirements?

    To learn more about DOCS Education's wide range of courses visit our Continuing Education section or, which lists the latest regulatory developments. We particularly encourage membership in DOCS Education, which offers round-the-clock personal attention from the nation's leading legal authority on dental regulations.

  • AGD PACE-approved

    All DOCS Education programs are AGD PACE-approved courses.

  • Who is DOCS Education?

    DOCS Education consists of over 3,000 members committed to offering safe dentistry to all patients, including those suffering from anxiety. DOCS Education graduates have safely treated an estimated 2 million patients across the United States and Canada. Since it's estimated around 30 percent of people fear the dentist, many individuals remain to be helped. That's why DOCS Education frequently updates its courses and information.