Mighty Burs Power Pack - (Total of 35 burs)

35 Mighty Burs - flat and rounded
35 Mighty Burs - flat and rounded

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  • 1 pack, 110-114 Flat End Cylinder Bur
  • 2 packs, 141-014 Round End Cylinder
  • 3 packs, 198-014 Round End Cylinder
  • 1 pack, 001-014 Round Ball

Mighty Burs are made out of Borazon, the brand name of boron nitride (CBN). It is one of the hardest known materials, and is now FDA approved for use in the dental profession. Borazon is one of the only substances that can scratch a diamond. Borazon grinds to a greater degree of accuracy than any other abrasive and cuts easily through all ceramics and metals without getting dull!

Mighty Burs preserve their abrasive capability because their crystals burst, leaving diamond-sharp edges and retaining sharpness through many teeth. In comparison, the diamond bur crystals pluck out of the binder that holds them to the shank. Mighty Burs are the most effective at cutting through lithium disilicates, like e.max®.

Because they're made of Borazon, Mighty Burs won't slip or skid on ceramic surfaces or metal. Carbide burs vibrate on the tooth surfaces and cause an unpleasant feeling for the patient. This vibration can fracture the carbide bur, so dentists often need to use another bur as a replacement.

The use of Mighty Burs is designated and fitted for cutting ceramic, metal, and zirconium. Tests show that the Mighty Burs don't dull even after cutting through multiple ceramometal restorations. Mighty Burs work best on porcelain at a 45 degree angle when cutting the surface.

Since Borazon is less expensive than diamonds and can cut easily through all ceramic and metal, you will not only reduce your operating costs, you'll also gain efficiency in the drilling process.

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