Master Series - Avoiding Regulatory and Legal Traps


An Advanced Course Featuring the Nation's Foremost Dental Standard-of-Care Expert on How to Avert Dental Board Reprimands and Costly Lawsuits

This is one day that could save you and your team weeks - even months - of aggravation and disruption, not to mention monster legal fees, penalties, and judgments.

Nothing stalls a successful dental practice like a dental board investigation, or worse, a malpractice lawsuit.

Even if it only arises once during your entire career, you’ll quickly realize that once is more than enough to make you wish you had been better prepared.

Preparation is what John Dovgan, DDS, SCI, is all about. Dr. Dovgan is the nation’s foremost standard-of-care investigator (SCI). He has adjudicated more than 1,200 cases on behalf of state dental boards and has served as an expert witness in more than 120 malpractice cases.

Dr. Dovgan, a practicing dentist and a 1303 sedation permit examiner for the State of Arizona, knows the ins and outs of the system. In an engaging and fun style, he will show you and your team how to avoid all variety of legal and regulatory landmines.

The one course that dental malpractice lawyers pray you’ll never take.

Did you know that good dentists – dedicated, hard-working, community-oriented dentists – often get ensnared in regulatory and legal jams because they are so busy practicing dentistry, they overlook common errors that trigger a dental board investigation?

Overnight, they are transformed from health care providers to defendants.

Don’t let that ever happen to you.

Dr. Dovgan uses proprietary protocols – honed from decades of experience – to help oral health professionals just like you avoid the type of innocent mistakes that can snowball – costing you your license and your savings.

Learn about the course from instructor Dr. Dogvan himself by listening here:

You’ll Learn:

  • How to practice “fear-free dentistry” – i.e. free of the fear of lawsuits and dental board probes
  • The standard-of-care protocols you need to follow to keep your patients safe, and to bullet-proof your practice from legal and regulatory assaults
  • Specific red flags that dental examiners look for and the easy steps to avoid them
  • How to best position yourself to defend a malpractice lawsuit, should you face one – and how to get nuisance complaints thrown out of court quickly and inexpensively
  • Why you must expect the unexpected and always be prepared for it
  • While no dental practice can be 100% immune when it comes to regulatory and legal actions, this advanced Master Series course comes as close to as it gets to making you bulletproof.

    Whether you’re a general dentist, oral surgeon, or other specialist, know that when you spend this very special day with Dr. Dogvan, you’ll return to your practice confident that you can focus on quality dentistry – and not on defending your reputation, your methods, or your license.

    Due to the interactive nature of this course, space is limited.

    Don’t wait until you wish you had been better prepared. Register now.