IV Sedation Recertification


Courses for 2017 are over. Please check back later for 2018 course information.

Proven, safe and effective

Medicine and dentistry are always evolving. Our IV Recertification course will help you keep your skills on the cutting edge.

There are many advantages of attending the IV Recertification course, including the following:

  • New science – Learn up-to-date science and protocols that you can immediately apply in your practice
  • One-on-one instruction – Participate in one-on-one emergency training using SimMan®
  • Critical safety training – Refresh your safety skills using high-fidelity patient simulators
  • Real-life applications – Review IV case selection and protocols through real-life case studies

Refresh Your IV Sedation Dentistry Skills

IV sedation dentistry is a proven, safe and effective way to help patients—including those with high anxiety or those with physical responses including gagging or difficulty getting numb.

Course material includes a review of the science behind IV sedation along with a look at new protocols. Other key topics include the following:

  • Neurophysiology
  • Patient selection and evaluation(118)
  • Respiratory and cardiovascular anatomy and physiology(117)
  • Pharmacology(161)
  • Nitrous oxide analgesia(77, 91, 114)
  • Local anesthetic review(147)
  • Patient monitoring
  • Airway management(117)
  • Emergency preparedness(102)
  • Venipuncture and IV access
  • Intravenous drug administration
  • Medical and legal aspects of anesthesia administration

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"Just do it—that's what I'd say to other dentists about signing up for this course—you'll gain the knowledge, confidence and teamwork to improve your practice and make your whole team feel great about helping your patients."

— Dr. Craig Rubinoff

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    Course Details

    Students in the IV Recertification course gain valuable, targeted, clinically-relevant information that can quickly be put to use.

    Course Objectives: Overview

    • Expand the number of protocols in your arsenal to maximize treatment effectiveness
    • Reduce risk for both your patients and your practice with hands-on airway management and emergency training
    • Do away with guesswork by thoroughly exploring proper case selection, management and protocols using real-life case studies
    • Refresh venipuncture skills utilizing practice model arms to start an IV line
    • Reacquaint yourself with the most commonly used IV medications(84, 91, 161), and learn about new drugs on the market
    Day One
    • Discuss the pharmacology of anesthetic agents
    • Study airway evaluation and management
    • Review cardiac rhythm
    • Learn the keys to proper patient selection(118)
    • Get hands-on airway training
    Day Two
    • Discuss pharmacology (continued)
    • Learn the essentials of monitoring you patients
    • Discover new and useful products
    • Update your knowledge with the latest protocols
    • Review and practice venipuncture
    • Discuss sedation complications
    • Review morbidity and mortality case examples(97, 118)
    • Practice crisis skills in simulated emergencies
  • Locations

    Schedule Information

    Date(s): 8/19/2017 - 8/20/2017
    Times: 7:30am-5pm
    Meals: Lunch

    Location Information

    Location: Memphis
    Closest Airport: Memphis International Airport

    Hotel Information

    Hotel: The Peabody Memphis
    149 Union Ave
    Memphis, TN 38103
    Phone: 901-529-4000
    Cost: $189/night
    Cutoff date for discounted price: 7/21/2017
    Parking: Discounted for HOTEL GUESTS at $10/day


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    Attending Faculty

    Dr. Anthony S. Feck DMD; Dr. Michael Silverman DMD; Dr. Leslie Fang PhD; Dr. Tim Modic; Dr. Richard Gesker DMD,MBA; Dr. Gary Imm; Dr. Jerome Wellbrock DMD, MAGD; Dr. Terry M. Gordon, DDS; D. Howard Ngo, DDS; Dr. J.C. Wolfe, DDS; Dr. Justin Neibauer; DDS, Dr. Aaron Stump, DDS and Dr. Gopal Pal, DDS
  • Why should I bring my team? Do they need to be certified to offer IV sedation dentistry?

    "I brought some of the team with me, including two hygienists and our assistant manager—all of whom are extremely reluctant to try new things. I sat at lunch today listening with amazement as they told me what we need to do to implement this in our practice! Your enthusiasm is infectious, and I will be sending the rest of the team to this course!" - Karen Harriman, DDS

    DOCS Education considers the dental team a vital part of good patient care and urges every dentist to bring at least one staff member to courses. States differ in their sedation regulations. Visit www.SedationRegulations.com to learn more.

    In most dental offices team members play an essential role. It's imperative that they be knowledgeable about the process to better serve the patient and the dentist.

  • Faculty

    Dr. Anthony S. Feck DMD

    Dr. Anthony S. Feck graduated with high distinction from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry where he received numerous awards for scholastic excellence. Soon after his graduation in 1983, Dr. Feck was appointed Associate Professor of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry at his alma mater. He has been in private practice in Lexington, Kentucky since completing his education.

    As an established clinician, mentor, author, educator, and speaker, Dr. Feck's passions include practice building, dental technology, pharmacology, and sedation dentistry. Seeking a way to treat the startling number of people with dental phobia, fear, and anxiety, Dr. Feck co-founded the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, now known as DOCS Education, with Dr. Michael Silverman in 1999. As the Dean of Faculty, he has played a major role in DOCS Education's growth as a leading provider of dental continuing education. Dr. Feck has also served as a consultant in the development of many new dental innovations.

    An engaging international lecturer, Dr. Feck has been a featured speaker throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. His well-known teaching and lecturing style blends humor with contagious passion. He's presented at local and state dental associations, as well as the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, and been a featured speaker at MasterPlan Alliance retreats. Furthermore, he helped develop the "Leadership Challenge," a series of courses designed to teach leadership principles to dentists.

    Those who have met Dr. Feck know that his love of dentistry radiates through everything he does, from lecturing on oral sedation dentistry to teaching dentists how to better manage their practices. Dr. Feck resides in Lexington, Kentucky, with his wife Rebecca and enjoys boating, reading, scuba-diving, and golfing.

    Dr. Leslie Fang

    Dr. Leslie Shu-Tung Fang is a world-renowned physician, educator, businessman, and speaker. Board certified in both Nephrology and Internal Medicine, Dr. Fang received his PhD in Physiology and Biophysics from the University of Illinois and his Doctorate of Medicine from Harvard Medical School. He completed his residency training at Massachusetts General Hospital where he served as Chief Medical Resident. He also completed fellowship training in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. At Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Fang served as Chief of the Walter Bauer Firm and Clinical Director of the Governing Board of the Medical Services Associates. He has been repeatedly honored as one of "America's Top Doctors" and "The Best Doctors of Boston."

    While maintaining an active practice in internal medicine and nephrology in Boston, Dr. Fang also serves as a lead instructor at Harvard Medical School. He has received numerous awards for excellence in teaching and chairs the Medical Internship Selection Committee at Massachusetts General Hospital which helps build relationships between medical students and the hospital.

    As an active businessman, Dr. Fang's associations include: FerruMax, Protocare, Catalyst, Exit Strategy, Physician Dynamics, MEDAcorp, Biolink, Alphaport, Channel Three, LVI Global, and SpectraMed among many others.

    Widely respected in the medical, dental, and academic communities, Dr. Fang is frequently a featured speaker at medical and dental conferences. He has authored several medical texts, teaching series, and reference manuals, including Oral Medicine Secrets and two editions of Principles and Practice of Oral Medicine. His co-authored interactive DVD from the EndoMagic Interactive Teaching Series, Antibiotics in Dentistry, has received significant acclaim. Other award-winning works include Ultimate Cheat Sheets: Practical Guide for the Dentist, The Ultimate Basic Drug Kit, and The Ultimate Advanced Drug Kit for Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office, which was named Educational Product of the Year by Clinicians Report in 2007 and 2008. Dr. Fang also was named in the "Top 100 Clinicians in Continuing Education" by Dentistry Today in 2008.

    As a faculty member of DOCS Education, Dr. Fang plays an integral role in bridging the gap between the dental and medical professions. He serves as an instructor for a variety of courses including Oral Sedation Dentistry, Sedation Solutions, Pediatric Sedation Dentistry, and IV Sedation Update: Continuing Certification.

    Dr. PJ Goyle

    PJ Goyal, DDS has been a lecturer and clinical instructor for over 15 years; currently he is an assistant clinical instructor at Midwestern University, and part-time dental anesthesiologist. He teaches courses in IV sedation, oral conscious sedation, anesthesiology, special needs anesthesia, and is a clinical instructor. Dr. Goyal has received specialized training in dental anesthesiology, prosthodontics, oral surgery and implantology.

    Dr. Goyal's role at DOCS Education

    DOCS Education welcomed Dr. Goyal as a faculty member in February 2015. He is a clinical instructor for the IV Sedation Certification course, and represents DOCS Education at student lunch and learns about nitrous oxide at dental schools across the country.

    Professional accomplishments

    Dr. Goyal is a U.S. Air Force Reserve and Ohio Air National Guard 20-year veteran. He served as a dentist in the Air Force Reserve and chief dental surgeon in the Air National Guard. During his military career he went on humanitarian trips coordinated through the Indian Health Service to Native American Reservations in Montana and South Dakota, and also treated military and local community members during military missions to South Korea. Prior to joining the faculty at Midwestern, he was in private practice for 14 years in Cleveland, Ohio, and a clinical instructor and lecturer at the Case Western University School of Dental Medicine.

  • Does insurance cover IV Sedation?

    Many dental insurance carriers will pay for sedation. Again, there is wide variability in this area.

  • Can I say "sleep dentistry" in my advertising?

    NO. A general anesthesia permit is required before you can say "sleep dentistry" in your advertising. An I.V. permit only authorizes you to administer conscious sedation or moderate sedation, depending in which state you practice. In those states, it would be proper to say "sedation dentistry" instead.

  • Where can I meet requirements?

    To learn more about DOCS Education's wide range of courses visit our Continuing Education section or www.SedationRegulations.com, which lists the latest regulatory developments. We particularly encourage membership in DOCS Education, which offers round-the-clock personal attention from the nation's leading legal authority on dental regulations.

  • AGD PACE-approved

    All DOCS Education programs are AGD PACE-approved courses.

  • Who is DOCS Education?

    DOCS Education consists of over 3,000 members committed to offering safe dentistry to all patients, including those suffering from anxiety. DOCS Education graduates have safely treated an estimated 2 million patients across the United States and Canada. Since it's estimated around 30 percent of people fear the dentist, many individuals remain to be helped. That's why DOCS Education frequently updates its courses and information.