In-office Courses

Do you and your team know how to respond to a patient experiencing a medical crisis? Bring DOCS Education's certified DALS trainers to your office to train you and your team with your equipment. DALS trainers will customize a training plan specific to your office layout, personnel and resources in this 2-day in-office course. Instruction includes practical training to confidently use state-of-the-art AED equipment, managing a megacode emergency, hands-on experience using advanced airway management equipment and team drills. DALS In-office training is the best way to ensure every team member knows the drill when it comes to handling a medical emergency.

Learn IV sedation in your own office. DOCS Education's in-office training provides you with tailored instruction specific to your practice and your office. IV sedation is an effective, predictable and flexible mode of sedation that expands the number of medications you can use to make your patients more comfortable. You and your team will learn about novel agents, key drugs, equipment, emergency measures and other methods to assure patient safety and satisfaction. The course is taught by a board-certified anesthesiologist with 30 years of clinical experience, and is offered in 1-, 2- and 3-day formats.

Pediatric and adolescent patients sometimes require dental treatment under general anesthesia in a hospital. This 1-day personalized learning course will walk you and your staff through the steps of actual procedures on live patients in a hospital setting. Participants will observe the treatment of five pediatric and/or adolescent patients by DOCS Education faculty member Dr. Kenji Saisho in a Salinas, CA hospital. The seminar expands upon the skills and knowledge already gained from your previous sedation course(s); it also teaches clinical skills and how to become a credentialed doctor at a medical facility.

This dynamic session puts doctors and their team members in an actual pediatric dental practice to observe the techniques of safe, successful and highly efficient pediatric sedation dentistry. DOCS Education faculty members, Drs. Sanger, Chiang and Saisho, invite you to their practice, Central Coast Pediatric Dental Group, located in Salinas, CA to experience this over-the-shoulder learning opportunity. Participants will observe the treatment of 10 pediatric patients. This course is designed to enhance the 3-day course Pediatric Sedation Dentistry.