Five must-do tasks for a better 2018

Don’t stumble into 2018 unprepared! Read these essential tips for a better, smoother, and more rewarding practice in the New Year.

Ask yourself how you'll grow
Many courses, including those offered by DOCS Education, have early registration discounts for CE in the New Year, so get your schedule in order and avoid getting stuck in someone else's boring courses later in the year! Ask your staff what courses you should take or skills they think you should learn to benefit the practice, and what kinds of development training they'd like for themselves. Many courses have buy-one-get-one pricing on team training if you sign up early!

Grow your patient base
Seize the opportunity to reach out to both new and current patients while their New Year's health resolutions are fresh! Schedule as many exams and hygiene recalls as you can, and use a direct mail service like RAMP ExpressDirect to raise your profile in your community. Small promotions like a "Resolution Coupon" for free x-rays can tip patient decisions in your favor over other dentists.

Strengthen your team
A committed, hardworking team is absolutely essential to the success of a dental practice, but you don't have to do contrived team-building exercises or attend staff retreats to accomplish this. Something as simple as playing a funny YouTube video to start the morning huddle or bringing breakfast once in a while can make a big difference for morale. Practicing emergency drills makes a great teamwork exercise as well as being highly practical and, in some states, legally required. DOCS Education's in-office ACLS is exactly that kind of office team-building exercise.

Examine your office layout and routine
Never stop asking the question, "what could we do to make our jobs easier?" As your patient base, equipment, and routines change, what once was an efficient routine can become awkward and cause you to lose time and production. Actions such as training your assistants to place a rubber dam and get as much ready as possible before you enter the operatory can make your workflow significantly smoother, reducing stress, and improving patient care.

Clear out unused, unnecessary, or unrequired equipment
Throw out, donate, or sell supplies and equipment that go unused, are unnecessary, or not required, and clear out any expired products in storage. Wasted space costs you time and efficiency! Get the carpets shampooed if you don't do so regularly, and change up some of the decor in the reception area. Presenting a fresh and polished image in 2018 will impress your patients and make your practice feel rejuvenated. Happy New Year!

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