The Dental League: A team of extraordinary practitioners who preach what they practice

Individually, the DOCS Education instructors who’ll serve as the faculty for the upcoming Sedation & Advanced Dentistry Conference in San Francisco are highly accomplished doctors. Collectively, they are extraordinary – inspiring comparisons to the superheroes who combine to form the comic world’s League of Justice.

Feature Image of Dr. Jerome P. Wellbrock
Who is that masked dental crusader? None other than Dr. Jerome P. Wellbrock, Director of Live Patient Experience

Individually, the members of the DOCS Education faculty who’ll serve as the primary instructors at the upcoming Sedation & Advanced Dentistry Conference in San Francisco (DOCS-SanFran) are master practitioners.

Collectively, however, the DOCS Education faculty rise to a league of their own. As a team, the DOCS faculty are unequaled for their knowledge, experience, teaching talents, and – most importantly – effectiveness.

In short, they preach what they practice.

Dentists and team members who register for DOCS-SanFran – which runs February 23-25 – will leave immediately ready to implement what they’ve learned.

[A complete DOCS-SanFran registration brochure is available here.]

Since 1999, DOCS Education courses have earned the distinction of featuring America’s Best Dental Faculty, led by Dr. Anthony S. Feck, Dean of Faculty. DOCS instructors are renowned for their interactive, hands-on teaching pedagogy that makes classes memorable, actionable, and enjoyable.

Whether you’re taking our one-day Oral Sedation Recertification course; our two-day DALS® (ACLS For Dentists) class, or our Master Series: Advanced Sedation seminar; or our three-day, 25 CE credit hours Adult Oral Sedation and Pediatric Oral Sedation academies, you’ll quickly understand why our 20,000-plus course alumni consistently rank our faculty their favorite instructors ever.

In the world of comic books, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Green Lantern comprise the core of the Justice League – superheroes who join forces to save the world from evildoers. Their sum is greater than their parts.

In the real world, at DOCS-SanFran, we’ll bring together an assembly of awe-inspiring educators – we think of them as, “The Dental League” – who partner with you and your team members to eradicate patient fear, anxiety, pain, and the scourge of neglected oral health.

The Dental League:

Dr. Tony Feck

Anthony S. Feck, DMD - Dean of Faculty

It’s no exaggeration to say that Dr. Feck is among the most-respected educators in all of dentistry. He is both coach and player; designing and perpetually updating the DOCS Education curriculum to take advantage of the latest science, technology, and clinical experiences available.

Dr. Feck, who maintains an active private practice in Lexington, Kentucky, teaches both our core Adult Oral Sedation Dentistry course and our Master Series – Advanced Sedation program, among others.

Dr. Feck is an engaging international lecturer whose well-known teaching style blends humor and audience participation, with contagious passion. His expertise spans all aspects of oral and IV sedation dentistry, as well as dental technology, pharmacology, and practice building.

Leslie Fang, MD, PhD – Lead Instructor, Physiology and Pharmacology

Dr. Leslie Fang

A lead instructor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Fang runs his DOCS Education course in the best Ivy League fashion, often relying on a Socratic method of turning the students, themselves, into teachers. “What would you do?” and “Why?” are two of Dr. Fang’s most reliable teaching queries.

Dr. Fang plays an integral part in the development of the entire DOCS Education curriculum, teaching multiple courses and providing the science, pharmacological, and physiological expertise necessary to safely and effectively administer dental sedation.

Widely published in both the medical and dental fields, dentists throughout North America rely on his manual, The Ultimate Cheat Sheets: A Practical Guide for the Dentist, as their chairside pharmacological bible.

Roger Sanger, DDS, MS – Lead Instructor, Pediatric Sedation

Dr. Roger Sanger

There is a single best protocol for administering safe pediatric sedation, and Dr. Sanger teaches it exclusively at DOCS Education. Those dentists who take his DOCS-SanFran class, and adhere to his methods, can be certain that each and every child who they treat will be safe, and leave healthier than when they arrived.

Dr. Sanger is the author of two clinical textbooks, numerous scientific articles, and a textbook on pediatric dental practice management. He founded a multi-doctor, multi-office children’s dental group.

He personally has treated more than 15,000 children and adolescents – relying on oral sedative drugs thousands of times – and never once had a problem.

Not only will Dr. Sanger’s course train dentists and team members how to reduce the stress of their pediatric patients (and hence, their parents), it will set the stage for these kids to grow into adulthood free of dental fear and anxiety.

[Be sure to read Dr. Sanger’s Incisor essay, Given the News Reports, Why Would Any Caring Dentist Ever Use Sedation On a Child? to learn more about his philosophy of pediatric dental sedation.]

Jerome P. Wellbrock, DMD, MAGD – Live Patient Experience Director

Dr. Jerome Wellbrock

When it comes to preventing fear and dental pain, Dr. Wellbrock is the expert’s expert. At each DOCS Education conference, he goes well beyond the text to show dentists and their team members exactly how to implement sedation dentistry successfully in their own practices.

Early in his career, Dr. Wellbrock served as a professional firefighter, developing a commitment to contain trouble as early as possible. That philosophy carries over to all of his dental instruction where Dr. Wellbrock excels at helping dentists and team members prevent practice “fires” before they start.

Dr. Wellbrock, himself, has completed more than 210 hours of continuing education in anesthesia, sedation, and pain control. He has also completed 100 hours of IV sedation training and co-teaches our IV Sedation Certification course with Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry.

Dianne Benedictson, DDS – Team Training and Empowerment

Dr. Dianne Benedictson

Like a coxswain on an Olympic rowing team, Dr. Benedictson instructs dental office team members on winning strategies to synchronize their efforts with the dentist, keep the practice running at optimal efficiency, achieve peak motivation, and deliver a five-star patient experience.

Dr. Benedictson also plays an important role in conducting our oral sedation recertification course and our live patient experiences.

In the dental field for more than 25 years, a dental office consultant, and an international lecturer, Dr. Benedictson displays a contagious passion for team training and empowerment. She knows, from firsthand experience, that a skilled team is an integral part of every successful dental practice.

Jim Bovia, EMT – Emergency Response for Dentists

Jim Bovia

For the past 35 years, The Bovia Family of Ann Arbor, MI, has trained medical doctors, nurses, firefighters, paramedics, and yes, dentists, on how to save lives in an emergency.

What makes the DOCS-SanFran DALS® course so valuable for dentists is that Jim – who learned the craft from his father – teaches the critical skills that dentists will need in the event of an emergency, drawing on the people and equipment they have at hand in their dental operatories.

Although this course is designed exclusively for dental offices, Jim’s curriculum ensures a 100% American Heart Association-accredited ACLS certification.

Jim’s students – who roll up their sleeves and practice what Jim teaches on high-tech patient simulators – particularly enjoy participating in this course. One reason: they form tight bonds with their classmates who help and encourage one another.

Obtain a complete DOCS-SanFran registration brochure here, or phone us at 855-227-6505.

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