DOCS Referral Program


Both you and your peers can benefit from the DOCS Share the Education Referral Program

YOU: For each new doctor you refer to DOCS Education that purchases a course, earn credit towards your next DOCS Education course. There is no limit to how many doctors you can refer, and for every six referred doctors you will receive one free team member registration!

THEM: Referred doctors will save $100 on their course registration.

For example, if you refer six colleagues who go on to register for DOCS Education course, you will earn a total of $1200 in credit toward a future course with us plus one free team member registration.

Take part in sharing first class continuing education and refer a fellow doctor today!

01. Referral credits will be applied to referring doctor’s account when referred doctor registers for a course.
02. Referring doctor will earn credits for each referred doctor: ($100 for 1st doctor; $150 for 2nd doctor; $200 for 3rd doctor; $250 for 4th doctor and for each doctor referral thereafter.)
03. $250/doctor will be the credit structure cap, however there is no limit to the number of referrals for which a doctor can submit/earn credit .
04. Referring doctor will earn one free team registration for every 6 doctor referral registrations.
05. Referral credits can be used toward future courses only.
06. Referred doctor will be given $100 off course registration; referring doctor is not eligible for this as he/she will earn credit toward a future course per the reward structure outlined in 02.
07. Referrals will qualify only if referred doctor is a first-time course registrant.
08. Referrals are strictly first come, first serve; multiple doctors cannot refer the same name or receive credit for the same referred registrations.
09. Team member registrations will not count toward referral credit accrual; doctor registrations only.
10. Referring doctor will lose referral credits if referred doctor cancels his/her course registration.
11. Referral credits cannot be transferred or gifted to another doctor.
12. Referral credits will expire after two years; no expiration for GOLD Members.
13. GOLD Members will earn credits for each referred doctor: ($200 for 1st doctor; $250 for 2nd doctor and for each doctor referral thereafter).
14. GOLD Members electing not to renew their GOLD status will revert to $100 for 1st doctor and subsequent credit structure if less than three referrals have registered prior to lapse in membership. Expiration of credits will apply.
15. If more than 2 years between referrals, referring doctor will remain at $100 for 1st doctor and subsequent credit structure.