State of the heart: Beat the odds, save a life with AED

While advancements occur with breakneck speed, medical progress can be illusory. Take sudden cardiac arrest, which kills 365,000 Americans annually.

Shoo, flu: Take aim, stay safe

We can’t be 100 percent ready for every event. We can, however, try our best to prepare for anticipated disasters and outbreaks.

Lean times spark fat fines from licensing boards

They’re contentious topics touching dentists everywhere: amalgams, teeth whitening, hygienist autonomy.

Webinar developed after Canada triazolam shortage

Canadian sedation dentists received unwelcome news in December when manufacturers announced a backlog in orders for triazolam, a mainstay for those using DOCS Education advanced protocols.

Sedation boosts both efficiency and quality care

Imagine safely delivering more dental care in a fewer number of appointments, minus the usual interruptions.

Lessons from the field: A forum just for you

DOCS Education faculty don’t just help you in the classroom. Clinical advice, unique patients, drug concerns—Drs. Leslie Fang, Anthony Feck, and Michael Silverman welcome your questions.

Risk of nitrous gases shut off with unique mask

Did you know that above 50 parts per million the presence of nitrous gas poses significant safety risks to your patients, your staff, and you?

Regulations change often. Do you know what’s up?

State regulations change frequently, especially following shifts produced by local dental boards. Do you have the time and expertise to follow these rapid events? Now you don’t have to.

DOCS Digest: Features - facts about sedation care

DOCS Education was started to serve the unique needs of sedation dentistry. No one is prouder of the committed individuals who make up this stellar group.

Secure patient safety, sedation success with industry-leading vital signs monitor

The Criticare 8100 nGenuity serves both adult and pediatric patients in any office or operatory. Its user-friendly interface features simplified menus, a bright display, and large numbers.

Younger and younger patients are being diagnosed with oral cancer, a disease that, until recently, was thought to only infect older patients. Delta Dental of Tennessee has released a new education video on YouTube entitled, “Oral Cancer: We need to talk about it,” in an attempt to spread awareness about the rising trend of oral cancer in patients under 40.
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Dr. Mark Chunn, Fellow with DOCS Education, writes: I have a 71-year-old female whom I have seen several times over two years ago when we removed a couple of teeth. Recently she presented with a minor problem that was addressed on an emergency basis (limited exam). I have recommended that she return for a complete exam and radiographs in order to formulate a treatment plan. In reviewing her medical history, I learned that she was placed on Alendronate one month ago by a nurse practitioner. She also takes Metformin and Pravastatin.
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Never a cut and dry issue, water fluoridation is again in the news. U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, M.D. has officially endorsed water fluoridation as "one of the most effective choices communities can make to prevent health problems while actually improving the oral health of their citizens."
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A DOCS Education member from Washington state questions whether they should treat a patient who they suspect of being under the influence of alcohol. Find out what DOCS Education faculty and regulatory council have to say about the situation.
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A team of scientists have discovered dental links between a species discovered in South Africa and the earliest forms of humans.
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Dental anesthesia has been used for over 100 years, but new research may have discovered an interesting side effect in younger patients.
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