Recently updated dental sedation regulations in the USA and Canada

In honor of Sedation Safety Week 2011, and to raise awareness, I composed a list of the states and provinces that have changed their regulations since January 2010.

Sedation Safety Week kicks off with the essentials for every sedation dentist

DOCS Education’s co-founder and SSW chairman, Dr. Michael Silverman, hopes for all dentists to take some time this week to focus on safety precautions.

Third annual Sedation Safety Week kicks off Monday

Each year in March, around the time you change your clocks and test your fire alarms, DOCS Education spends five days highlighting various aspects of sedation dentistry safety.

Follow-up: Nine veterans test positive for Hepatitis in dentist investigation

DAYTON, Ohio — Officials at a Veterans Administration hospital in southwest Ohio say nine patients have tested positive for hepatitis in preliminary more.

Nitrous oxide with a single-dose sedative: Consider this effective, affordable option

The nitrous oxide and single-dose sedative option offers patients an affordable alternative to more complicated sedation more.

DOCS Education Meets 90210: LA Seminar Update

The first seminar of 2011 has quickly come and gone. Sunny skies, Hollywood stars, and a top-notch group of dental professionals were hard to say goodbye to in Los more.

ADA Focuses on Children and "Underserved" Population

The American Dental Association today released the first in a series of papers examining the challenges and solutions to bringing good oral health to the millions of Americans—including as many as one-quarter of the nation's children—who lack access to dental more.

Mobile dental clinic brings care to poor children in honor of 12-year-old victim

The Deamonte Driver Dental Van, a mobile dental clinic named for the 12-year-old who died from an infected tooth, made its first stop at the Foundation School in Largo on Nov. 11, 2010.

Laughing Gas For Childbirth: Is It Safe?

The use of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, during childbirth fell out of favor in the United States decades ago, and after a long hiatus the equipment needed to administer it is expected to hit the market soon...

Heart Failure Awareness Week: Double-check your pulse ox accessories

The Heart Failure Association of America is currently hosting Heart Failure Awareness Week. High blood pressure is a risk factor in heart failure, and as a dentist it is important to ensure that all your pulse oximeter accessories are up to date for your patients’ safety.

Sedation dentists help patients other dentists cannot. Those people who swore they'd never set foot in a dentist's office? Sedation can change their mind. Having a unique skill set is one way to gain a leg-up in the world of dentistry. But it's not the only way. What else can you do to help you stay ahead of the game?
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A member of DOCS Education writes: I have been sedating patients for over ten years but I wanted your help. I have an 85 year old insulin-dependent diabetic patient that has requested sedation. Her BP reads 146/74, pulse 69. She takes 20 units of Lantus® insulin at 100 unit/ML once a day and 15 units of Humalog® insulin at 100 unit/Ml once a day. If I were to sedate her, should she eat a small dinner and her normal small breakfast and not take any insulin on the day of sedation? Other medications the patient is taking are: amlodipine 5mg, lovastatin 40 mg, quinapril GCL 10 mg, HCTZ 12.5 mg, aspirin 325 mg, 2 x 220 mg Aleve®, CalCarb 600/D 600-400 MG-unit. The patient does not have asthma or any breathing issues but I don't feel comfortable with sedation.
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The recent analysis of chemical information left behind on 11 species of hominins (or early humans) and other East-African primates indicated a remarkable change in diet 3.5 million years ago. The results were published among four papers appearing in PNAS journal.
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We all hear that cheese and dairy products are great sources of calcium and help us maintain healthy bones. But have you ever heard that cheese may protect against tooth erosion?
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A member of DOCS Education asks: I have a patient interested in sedation but I have several concerns with her health. The patient has lupus, sarcoidoisis and rheumatoid arthritis. My practice is located in VA and, therefore, I am only able to use single dose protocols. With the fact that she takes Azathrioprine, Ventolin® and Hydroxycholorquine for her systemic issues, would you recommend IV sedation instead of oral? Patient is coming in tomorrow for a consultation and I have been waiting to get the medical consults back. Her primary care physician took no issue with the use of normal protocols, but I am not comfortable doing that. I have yet to hear from her pulmonary physician or the rheumatoid doctor. What would your advice be for this case? Thank you.
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You like dentistry. You want to perform dentistry. Do you want to spend your time worrying about office policies, or which state and federal rules apply to your dental office? What a headache.
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