Regulations change often. Do you know what’s up?

State regulations change frequently, especially following shifts produced by local dental boards. Do you have the time and expertise to follow these rapid events? Now you don’t have to.

DOCS Digest: Features - facts about sedation care

DOCS Education was started to serve the unique needs of sedation dentistry. No one is prouder of the committed individuals who make up this stellar group.

Secure patient safety, sedation success with industry-leading vital signs monitor

The Criticare 8100 nGenuity serves both adult and pediatric patients in any office or operatory. Its user-friendly interface features simplified menus, a bright display, and large numbers.

Years of embarrassment quickly disappear as woman experiences transforming smile

At 55, Amy O. had grown used to her gap-toothed smile. The long-time Sarasota resident and mother of three didn’t put much stock in physical appearances anyway.

Smooth system reinforces sedation practice and promotes economical care model

Like most dentists, Dr. Richard Gesker was skeptical before taking his first course in oral sedation. But he was so inspired by the combined teaching skills of Drs.

Does your office staff have its eyes on the ball?

Suppose you offer sterling clinical care in a stellar setting. You’ve taken pains to create an office environment where patients feel pampered. There’s just one problem.

Sedation Safety Week is right around the corner. We’re busy putting the finishing touches on all our material, but we need your help.
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A 12-year-old girl with a history of high dental fear is unresponsive to the normal course of medication and refuses treatment. What should be done differently on her return visit?
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Getting kids to eat healthy food is always a challenge, one that food companies have been trying to address with a slew of new health-centric products. Do these pre-packaged snacks beat out the produce aisle? The answer may surprise you.
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The 32-year-old nursing mother already takes a number of medications to treat ulcerative colitis and migraines. She’d like to receive oral conscious sedation, but how can this be accomplished without subjecting her infant to inappropriate drugs?
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Have you ever forgotten part of your oral hygiene kit when you went on a trip? Do you hate having to dig through your luggage to pull out eight different items to be checked by TSA when all you want is a clean, healthy mouth while you travel? A new toothbrush prototype is set to save you from future hassle, but they need your help.
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After completing your training with DOCS Education you’re craving the next challenge. In this article we explain the process for the next evolution in your Sedation Dentistry practice: becoming a Fellow or Diplomat with DOCS Education. Elevate your learning and your practice – start your application process today.
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