Unique mask cuts toxic nitrous exposure

Long considered a necessary workplace hazard in dental facilities, nitrous gases have come under greater scrutiny by health officials around the world.

B2D’s Hall evokes Olympian spirit

Ten-time Olympic medalist Gary Hall Jr. is a familiar sight in the halls of B2DMarketing, where he directs company business initiatives in the People’s Republic of China.

Dentist part of team in the war against sleep apnea

Big snorts, guttural grunts and sounds so loud they seem to rattle the windows. The noises stop for a time and then suddenly begin again.

State of the heart: Beat the odds, save a life with AED

While advancements occur with breakneck speed, medical progress can be illusory. Take sudden cardiac arrest, which kills 365,000 Americans annually.

Shoo, flu: Take aim, stay safe

We can’t be 100 percent ready for every event. We can, however, try our best to prepare for anticipated disasters and outbreaks.

Lean times spark fat fines from licensing boards

They’re contentious topics touching dentists everywhere: amalgams, teeth whitening, hygienist autonomy.

Webinar developed after Canada triazolam shortage

Canadian sedation dentists received unwelcome news in December when manufacturers announced a backlog in orders for triazolam, a mainstay for those using DOCS Education advanced protocols.

Sedation boosts both efficiency and quality care

Imagine safely delivering more dental care in a fewer number of appointments, minus the usual interruptions.

Lessons from the field: A forum just for you

DOCS Education faculty don’t just help you in the classroom. Clinical advice, unique patients, drug concerns—Drs. Leslie Fang, Anthony Feck, and Michael Silverman welcome your questions.

Risk of nitrous gases shut off with unique mask

Did you know that above 50 parts per million the presence of nitrous gas poses significant safety risks to your patients, your staff, and you?

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