Will growing new teeth come sooner than we think?

“In the future we envision,” explains Dr. Sharpe, “a patient who loses a tooth and wants a replacement will be able to choose between current methods and a biological-based implant—a new natural tooth—derived from the patient’s own dental stem cells.”

New regulations could limit dentists' ability to administer injectable pharmacologies

New regulations adopted in March by the New Jersey Board of Dentistry could limit dentists’ administration of injectable pharmacologics.

Dentists Weigh In on Kids' Chocolate Milk Health Debate

For years, nutrition experts and healthy food advocates have been calling for a ban on chocolate milk in schools to help curb childhood obesity. Some dentists are now joining the chorus, saying it's one of the main culprits in causing tooth decay others aren't so sure...

Group wants Ohio to approve use of dental therapists

The Universal Health Care Action Network of Ohio wants state lawmakers to approve the use of dental therapists. Therapists are not dentists but can drill out more

Restraining kids ‘abhorrent,’ DOCS Education faculty member says

A lawsuit filed on behalf of hundreds of children in 20 states is only the latest in a series of disturbing events associated with Small Smiles / Access Dentistry, a national chain primarily caring for low-income populations.

Studies at NYU-Poly and NYU College of Dentistry Lead to a More Efficient DNA Delivery System

NEW YORK, April 4, 2011 -- Scientists at Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly) and at the NYU College of Dentistry have discovered a biochemical version of a principle well known amo - Good or bad for business?

When asked if their dental practice has been affected by consumer review website, dentists were divided between feeling that Yelp is good or bad for their practice.

Demand for dental services is driven by demographics

A recent study shows 130,000 dental offices and clinics operate in the U.S., generating annual revenue of about $100 more...

Facebook creator's father is in fact tech-savvy dentist

Edward Zuckerberg pulls his iPhone out of his jeans pocket and hits the familiar blue Facebook icon. He's eager to show off his latest effort to market his suburban dental practice. The man known as "Painless Dr. Z" is offering a free teeth bleaching kit to the first 10 patients more...

Are expired drugs OK to use?

I have a hundred tabs of Sonata® that have never been used but recently expired. Can I still use them in a pinch?

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