Are expired drugs OK to use?

I have a hundred tabs of Sonata® that have never been used but recently expired. Can I still use them in a pinch?

Connecticut Dental Board To Rule If Tooth Whitening Is Dentistry

Connecticut dentists could get a monopoly on the lucrative business of tooth whitening pending action by a commission they more

DOCS Education teaches latest N2O techniques

Last weekend DOCS Education had the privilege of teaching the latest nitrous oxide techniques and safety measures in Seattle.

The new economics of pediatric dentistry

Spurred by rising volume, patient demand, and a climate of ready innovation, dentistry has experienced a tsunami of new technology since 1990. Computer-aided design and manufacturing, noninvasive cosmetic dentistry, nonsurgical more.

Community Dental Health Coordinator Program Coming to Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health

WASHINGTON -- The American Dental Association today announced the opening of a fourth education and training site for students in its Community Dental Health Coordinator (CDHC) Pilot Project.

Can music make your pediatric patients sick?

CHICAGO, March 14, 2011 - Research has shown that playing a musical instrument can help nourish, cultivate, and increase intelligence in children, but playing a used instrument also can pose a potentially dangerous health risk.

Women urged to visit their dentist more regularly after menopause

According to the findings of a study carried out by researchers at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic, attending a routine check-up every six months is not enough for postmenopausal women.

2011 Sedation Dentist of the Year Announced

Marking the end of the third annual Sedation Safety Week, DOCS Education has announced Dr. Jeff Gray, DDS, as the 2011 Sedation Dentist of the Year.

The Dental Patient’s Role in Safe Sedation Dentistry

The fourth day of Sedation Safety Week focuses on how you should advise your patient to aid you in practicing safe sedation dentistry. When using sedation, the patient is often anxious.

Emergency Preparedness—A quick review

As mentioned in Monday’s” 7-Step Sedation Dentistry Safety Checklist,” emergency preparedness is a critical part of sedation dentistry safety. The following are a few aspects of emergency preparedness that are important to remember.

The second largest health insurer in America, WellPoint Insurance, has agreed to pay a fine of $1.7 million to settle potential violations of healthcare privacy laws. Between October 2009 and March 2010, WellPoint breached the health and personal information protection of 612,402 individuals. The breach was due to a security flaw in an online application database.
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A member of DOCS Education writes: I have a 55 year old female being treated for central adrenal insufficiency, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, ADD, hypothyroidism and hormone replacement therapy. All are well controlled at this time. Her physician has recommended tripling her dose of Cortef® the day of surgery. She has been a patient for years and is very relaxed in the chair, even for long appointments.
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The internet is a weird, malleable thing, isn’t it? It’s the double-edged blade of communication. The efficiency machine that eats up our days. The internet is filled with everything from the thickest gibberish imaginable to the most exquisite observations obtainable.
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Losing a tooth: it’s jarring, painful and inconvenient. However, a recent study suggests there may be even more serious repercussions to lost teeth than slightly diminished chomping abilities.
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A Member of DOCS Education asks: I have a 61 year old, 175 lbs female patient requiring a long sedation appointment. She is currently taking Advair®, Cartia XT®, losartan HCT and fenofibrate. Due to the medication interactions we cannot use diazepam or triazolam. Would it be possible for me to use lorazepam the night before, and if so, at what dosage should it be administered? Then at what incremental and loading dose should the lorazepam be given an hour prior to the appointment? After assessing the patient on arrival, what dose of hydroxyzine should be given? Finally, what incremental doses of lorazepam should be given at what intervals?
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Plus 3 Common Mistakes Whether you're an experienced sedation dentist, or just becoming interested in the field, everyone wants to know what NOT to do. Read on to find out the 5 most terrible, horrible, atrocious mistakes a sedation dentist could ever make.
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