Dr. Pankaj “PJ” Goyal

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Dr. Goyal is currently on hiatus, and another instructor will be covering his role.

PJ Goyal, DDS has been a lecturer and clinical instructor for over 15 years; currently he is an assistant clinical professor at Midwestern University. He teaches courses in IV sedation, oral conscious sedation, special needs anesthesia, and is a clinical instructor at Midwestern University. Dr. Goyal has received specialized training in dental IV anesthesia, prosthodontics, oral surgery and implantology.

Dr. Goyal's role at DOCS Education

DOCS Education welcomed Dr. Goyal as a faculty member in February 2015. He is a clinical instructor for the IV Sedation Certification course, and represents DOCS Education at student lunch and learns about nitrous oxide at dental schools across the country.

Professional accomplishments

Dr. Goyal is a U.S. Air Force Reserve and Ohio Air National Guard 20-year veteran. He served as a dentist in the Air Force Reserve and chief dental surgeon in the Air National Guard. During his military career he went on humanitarian trips coordinated through the Indian Health Service to Native American Reservations in Montana and South Dakota, and also treated military and local community members during military missions to South Korea. Prior to joining the faculty at Midwestern, he was in private practice for 14 years in Cleveland, Ohio, and a clinical instructor and lecturer at the Case Western University School of Dental Medicine.

Affiliations and community involvement

Outside of teaching, Dr. Goyal is an active member of the Arizona Dental Association; he is part of the advising committee for the association's Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD) Program, a 12-month program designed to build personal leadership skills through immersion experiences within organized dentistry. He also volunteers his time as a faculty supervisor at Midwestern University's community clinic for low-income/uninsured families and individuals.

About DOCS Education's Student Lunch and Learns

Student Lunch and Learns are held at dental schools across the U.S. to introduce students to sedation dentistry. In the nitrous oxide presentation, Dr. Goyal provides students with an overview of the role of sedation in dentistry and techniques for administering nitrous oxide.

The presentation addresses the following topics:

  • The need for sedation dentistry
  • Definitions of sedation terminology
  • The spectrum of sedation
  • Fundamentals of nitrous oxide administration
  • Signs and symptoms of N2O sedation & over-sedation
  • Nitrous oxide sedation protocol
  • Equipment sterilization & disinfection