Oral Hard Tissue Diseases Manual

Oral Hard Tissue Diseases, 3rd Edition, is designed as a quick reference manual for the visual recognition and diagnosis of common bone lesions. Each tabbed section is devoted to a specific diagnostic category of lesion and illustrated with black and white images of typical radiographic features.

This manual includes over 150 high-quality radiographs, with each lesion illustrated by one or more images depicting typical features and common variations. Recommendations for treatment and follow-up are included.

Periapical Radiolucent Lesions
Pericoronal Radiolucent Lesions
Inter-radicular Radiolucent Lesions
Periodontal Radiolucent Lesions
Radiolucent Lesions Not Associated With Teeth
Radiolucent Lesions with Irregular Margins
Periapical Radiopaque Lesions
Pericoronal Radiopaque Lesions
Inter-radicular Radiopaque Lesions
Radiopaque Lesions Not Associated With Teeth
Radiopaque Lesions With Irregular Margins
Selected Readings/Index
J. Robert Newland, DDS, MS
6 Additional Lesions
12 New Radiographs