Master Series

Individuals suffering from chronic medical problems are one of the fastest-growing segments of your patient population. These patients benefit from sedation dentistry, as it is the safest and least stressful way to receive care. Participate in the Master Series – Advanced Sedation, presented by world-renowned doctors Tony Feck and Leslie Fang, and learn to safely manage sedation appointments of ASA III+ patients with asthma, diabetes, bleeding disorders, and more in this two-day intensive didactic and hands-on program.

Learn critical facts on next-generation medications:

  • New anticoagulants beyond Coumadin
  • New antiplatelets beyond Plavix
  • New bisphosphonate/osteonecrosis of the jaw guidelines
  • New metformin guidelines for type 2 diabetes
  • And much, much more
Master Series - Advanced Sedation Seminar Photo 1
Master Series - Advanced Sedation Seminar Photo 2

Obstructive sleep apnea brings with it heightened risk for serious illness, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, as well as a greatly increased danger of fatal automobile accidents due to drowsy driving.

Dentists can play a major role in addressing this growing public health crisis.

Participate in Master Series – Dental Sleep Medicine, presented by one of the profession’s most-respected instructors, John H. Tucker, DMD, and learn how to safely and effectively incorporate treatment for sleep apnea into your existing practice.

Dentists who implement Dr. Tucker’s expert training will witness a twofold benefit for patients: First, their existing patients need not visit an unfamiliar dentist to receive the increasingly-in-demand treatment; Second, patients who first visit a dentist solely for treatment of their sleep apnea, often find the process so rewarding that they come to trust their sleep dentist for all of their oral health needs.

Learn everything you need to know to begin offering sleep dentistry immediately:

  • The safest and most effective sleep dentistry protocols, backed by science and clinical experience
  • Which patients qualify for dental sleep appliances and how to restore the oral health of those who aren’t eligible
  • How to work collaboratively with a licensed sleep physician and obtain the necessary diagnosis
  • How to navigate billing issues, including Medicare and Medicaid, to avoid hassles
  • Why sleep dentistry, as taught by DOCS Education, is safer and leads to fewer complications than most common oral health treatments
  • And much, much more