King Vision Kit

King Vision KitKing Vision KitKing Vision KitKing Vision KitKing Vision Kit

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The King Vision Kit combines all the elements you and your office will need to be able to quickly and efficiently intubate patients.

What's in the box*:
• 1 reusable digital display
• 1 carrying case
• 3 AAA batteries
• 3 channeled blades
• 1 standard blade.
• Educational DVD

*Kit contents may vary, please call for more information.

King Vision Laryngoscope:
The King Vision Video Laryngoscope is your primary instrument for intubations. Combining the convenience of a reusable, high-resolution video display with a sturdy disposable blade, the King Vision Video Laryngoscope is affordable for any intubation. An innovative, ergonomic design provides minimal lifting of soft tissue and reduces impact on teeth.

Technical Specifications:
• Full-color OLED screen with antiglare finish
• Fits both standard and channeled blade (both with antifog lens)
• Wear-resistant gasket lasts thousands of intubations
• Video-out port allows the display to connect with any monitor
• Runs on 3 AAA batteries (included)
• Automatic shutoff after 60 seconds of inactivity.
• 1-year warranty and protective case

King Vision Largynoscope Blades:
The King Vision Disposable Laryngoscope blade is made of high quality polycarbonate, corresponding to a size 3 Macintosh laryngoscopy blade. Each blade contains a built-in white LED light, CMOS camera with 640 x 480 VGA resolution, and anti-fog distal lens, and is designed for one-time use. Do not attempt to sterilize or autoclave the blade.

Dimensions: 17 cm long, 26 mm wide (16 mm at the distal tip) and 13 mm high.

What's the difference in blades?
The King Vision standard blade is designed for standard intubation insertions; the King Vision channeled blade is designed for guided intubation insertions. The channeled blade incorporates a guiding channel for easy endotracheal tube placement and removal, and accepts ET tubes from 6 to 8 mm.

DOCS Education is an authorized dealer for King Vision in the dental profession.