Examining Addiction

Examining Addiction

Drug overdoses now outpace traffic accidents as causes of death in the United States. Yet patients of any age deserve the relief afforded by pain medication. How can dentists—who write 12 percent of the nation’s opioid prescriptions—promote best practices without adding to the problem of substance abuse? “Examining Addiction” outlines considerations for practitioner and patient in a field that is evolving rapidly across myriad fronts.

Board-certified anesthesiologist Dr. John Hexem explains the mechanism of addiction in this one-hour CE. A member of the DOCS Education faculty who possesses more than 3 decades’ experience in clinical medicine, Dr. Hexem clarifies why what doctors don’t know can literally hurt. For example, withholding pain medication for fear of creating addiction not only acts against patient interest but flies in the face of abundant research.

Dr. Hexem’s presentation is designed to be watched in conjunction with “Assessing Substance Abuse,” the first of his ongoing series about pain medication. “Examining Addiction” discusses:
• Brain physiology
• New regulations
• Iatrogenic addiction

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