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Dr. Robert Doyle on Sedation Dentistry

We recently had the opportunity to reach out to Dr. Robert Doyle, a DOCS Education member and Diplomate, and ask him how DOCS Education and sedation dentistry have benefited both his practice and patients.

Dentists nationwide offer free oral cancer screenings

The ADA encouraged dentists to perform community outreach during Oral Cancer Awareness Month to provide free oral cancer screenings to those patients who don't regularly get a checkup. “Early detection is critical in increasing survival...

Pregnancy and Sedation?

I know that pregnancy is a contraindication for oral conscious sedation (OCS). But I have a patient that is trying to get pregnant and wants OCS. How accurate is a hospital administered pregnancy blood test (false positives)?

Alabama Dental Association reaches out to dentists

In the wake of the deadly tornadoes ravaging the Southern states, the Alabama Dental Association is reaching out to dentists in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and Huntsville to assess damages to dental practices, the dentists and their staff.

Autism and Sedation

A DOCS Education member asks: Have you had any personal experiences with sedating an autistic patient? Have you heard of any concerns with this issue?

Multiple Sclerosis and Sedation?

My patient is a female, age 31, married, taking birth control pills, and has multiple sclerosis. Are there any special precautions I should take for this patient for oral sedation?

Will growing new teeth come sooner than we think?

“In the future we envision,” explains Dr. Sharpe, “a patient who loses a tooth and wants a replacement will be able to choose between current methods and a biological-based implant—a new natural tooth—derived from the patient’s own dental stem cells.”

New regulations could limit dentists' ability to administer injectable pharmacologies

New regulations adopted in March by the New Jersey Board of Dentistry could limit dentists’ administration of injectable pharmacologics.

Dentists Weigh In on Kids' Chocolate Milk Health Debate

For years, nutrition experts and healthy food advocates have been calling for a ban on chocolate milk in schools to help curb childhood obesity. Some dentists are now joining the chorus, saying it's one of the main culprits in causing tooth decay others aren't so sure...

Group wants Ohio to approve use of dental therapists

The Universal Health Care Action Network of Ohio wants state lawmakers to approve the use of dental therapists. Therapists are not dentists but can drill out cavities...read more

One thing you may not know? The combination of sedation and implant placement is greater than the sum of its parts.
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Did you know there are member benefits hiding in plain sight?

That’s right. Even if you’re already a member there’s plenty of pure, untapped awesomeness awaiting you. Read on to see which one we’ve highlighted!

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A member of DOCS Education asks:

It seems I have an abundance of cops and nurses in the practice, and all seem to be taking some form of anti-anxiety meds or BP meds. Well, someone has to treat them and I have had great success with the DOCS protocol, but could use some suggestions here on an upcoming patient:

Patient is 5 9" / 220 lbs. He is a half-pack a day smoker. No snoring, or so he says. BP today was 148/89, HR 86'. I have seen diastolic pressure at 95 on a previous visit. Meds are as follows:

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We know all too well how important dentistry is.

But one convict took this belief to a new level when he broke out of a Swedish prison solely for the sake of receiving dental treatment…then turned himself back in after the treatment was completed.

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Well, we did it—we're living 5 bazillion years in the future. Pretty soon we're all going to be wearing sequined space suits and travelling to work on personal hovercrafts.

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Ah, chocolate. Delicious modifier of moods, the king of comfort foods. But what if there were a more – shall we say – dentally beneficial quality to chocolate? Turns out, there is.

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