Uncontrollable Sneezing Following Routine Appointment

A DOCS Education Gold member writes in:
I have never encountered this reaction, nor have I ever heard of this reaction before! I had a patient for whom I did several class V composites on the upper anterior teeth and on the upper first bicuspids. Everything was unremarkable during the procedure. The patient called from her cell phone on her way home from the appointment and stated that she had started sneezing and could not stop. The sneezing lasted several hours and abated after the numbness went away, however, she reported that her nose was runny for over 24 hours after the procedure. I can find nothing about this on Lexicomp, Up To Date, or on the internet other than in a casual forum in which someone mentions that they had this happen. Anybody have insight?

DOCS Education faculty member, Dr. Jerome Wellbrock, responds:

Not unusual, actually! I have had many patients over the years who experience episodes of sneezing after local anesthesia administration in the maxillary anterior. It has not mattered what local anesthetic was used.

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