The three big lies about dental sleep medicine

3 Big Lies Pigs

Tens of millions of dental patients face serious health complications from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), yet so few dentists choose to provide their patients with life-saving dental sleep appliances. Why?

The Three Big Lies

  1. Dental sleep medicine requires dentists and their teams to navigate an insurance jungle of paperwork, legal landmines, and black holes of time.
  2. With limited appointments available each day, dentists must prioritize their patients; working with dental sleep medicine patients is a poor use of chair time.
  3. The treatment of this deadly condition is best handled by physicians, not dentists.

Don't believe any of these whoppers, not for a minute.

We encourage you to join Dr. John H. Tucker, one of the nation's foremost experts on dental sleep medicine and a distinguished member of the DOCS Education faculty, for a 45-minute, lively "Dental Mythbusters" webinar on Tuesday, February 13th at 8:00 pm Eastern / 5:00 pm Pacific.

To register, click here.

Discover the truth about dental sleep medicine, and why using a dental appliance to treat patients who suffer from OSA is safe and effective.

Easy-to-learn protocols, which can be mastered during a weekend course, allow a dentist to begin providing patients with life-saving dental sleep medicine immediately. Much of the work can be handled by team members.

Moreover, reliable third-party services now assume 100% of the medical insurance hassles that once plagued dental providers; while making the process of obtaining the required medical diagnosis from a physician a breeze.


Dr. TuckerIt is probable that 25% or more of your dental practice's existing patients are at a serious health risk due to OSA and don't even know it. You can help save their lives. Also, as the population ages and obesity remains epidemic, the demand for trained dental sleep medicine providers is exploding.

Know that many of the new patients who you attract to your dental sleep medicine practice will subsequently turn to you for all of their oral healthcare needs.

We guarantee you'll find Dr. Tucker's presentation compelling, even if you're skeptical now.

Dr. Tucker speaks from experience. He not only has treated thousands of OSA patients, and trained hundreds of successful dental sleep medicine professionals, he is among the tens of thousands of individuals with OSA whose lives have been saved thanks to the use of a dental appliance.

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