Seven More Great Candy Alternatives for Halloween

Another Halloween, another night of kids who avoid your door because they already have enough toothbrushes, thank you.

It needn't be that way.

Check out these seven great alternatives to candy and floss, and be sure to view last year’s suggestions!

1. Stickers
Great for children to decorate school binders, instrument cases and notebooks. A roll of stickers featuring cartoon characters, superheroes, and animals will cover a lot of kids if you live in a high-traffic area. There are even glitter and 3D options, so have fun picking out good ones!

No, not just a cardboard rectangle. There are all kinds of creative designs, cutouts and characters that bite the page, peek over the top, or appear to embed themselves in the text. Click here to see some cool ideas!

3. Fake vampire and zombie teeth
If you’re itching to distribute something dental-related, why not get some novelty fake teeth to augment kids’ costumes? We recommend that only kids eight-years-old and up get these, as they can pose a choking hazard.

4. Hot Wheels
Easy to buy in bulk, and endlessly individualized, younger kids will have fun trading and racing these toy cars. It’s even possible to get these personalized for a creative way to promote your practice’s name and phone number.

5. Cool plant seeds
A great project for the winter months is doing some beginner biology with a small packet of herb or flower seeds. Something easy to grow including mint, chives or globe basil, is great fun to watch when left in any moderately well-lighted area.

6. Fun Sunglasses
Another cheap and customizable item is sunglasses. Whether you go for the classic Ray-Ban shape or the goofy “shutter shades” approach, sunglasses are great fun for dress-up and can easily be customized to include your practice name and phone number on them.

7. Blacklight LED keychains
Kids will love to explore the world of fluorophores with these little lights. Anything glow in the dark becomes a surface that can be written on with light, while some everyday objects fluoresce in strange colors! Best of all, you can buy 20 of these for about a dollar.

Warning: Once word spreads of your special treats, your house may become one of the most popular in the neighborhood.

Happy Halloween!

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