Sedation of Asthma Patient

A DOCS Education member inquires:

I have a female patient age 63. Her only medication listed is a Qvar inhaler that she says is used prophylactically. There are no other health risks. She has not had an asthma attack in years. Is there a protocol for patients with a history of asthma? Is there any contraindications for using Lorazepam, Triazolam, or Hydroxyzine?

Dr. PJ Goyal, DOCS Education faculty member, responds:

There are no concerns with your asthma patient and oral sedation medications, but pre-operatively I would look at her SpO2 saturation number. If it is lower than 96 I would have this patient use the inhaler to see if the number improves closer to 100. If it is 96 or below I would recommend you not sedate this patient. If the number is above 96 I would have no concerns but I may use the inhaler before treatment to insure no respiratory concerns arise.

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