Ray Bard’s Collection of Quotes is Intended to Help Salespeople, But Dentists Will Also Discover Inspiration in its Pages

Whether they realize it or not, dentists are in the business of persuasion, a.k.a. “sales.” Author Ray Bard asked more than 1,200 quote judges to help him select the 324 quotes he showcases in Fired Up! Selling, his bestselling book designed to inspire, energize, and help its readers succeed.

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One of Ray Bard’s favorite quotes in Fired Up! Selling, his bestselling compilation of great quotes, comes from comedian Steve Martin: “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

That is an apt formula for every dentist who dreams of building and sustaining a practice that thrills patients and is the envy of the profession.

In so many ways, dentists are in the business of persuasion, a.k.a. “sales.”

Dentists must convince patients to see them in the first place; then they have to craft a case presentation that their patients will understand and accept.

Dentists sell to their team members – asking their colleagues to embrace their prescribed methods of greeting – and treating – patients. Even family members and friends must, to a degree, be sold on a dentist’s vision of professionalism, asking them to understand the sacrifices that are required on behalf of patients and a successful practice.

Finally, dentists must perpetually sell themselves on the idea that all of their hard work and dedication does make an important difference in the lives of their patients and communities. There are times, let’s face it, when that is a difficult “sale” to make.

In asking more than 1,200 quotes judges to help him select the 324 quotes used in Fired Up! Selling, Ray’s intention was to inspire, energize, and help salespeople succeed. But as Good News Dentistry™ host Dean Rotbart and Ray Bard demonstrate on this week’s podcast, Fired Up! Selling is overflowing with wise words to motivate us all.

Besides being an author, Ray Bard and his Austin-based Bard Press are highly successful business book publishers. Since its founding in 1996, Bard Press has enjoyed an unmatched record of vaulting more than half of all its titles onto the national bestsellers list – picking up many book-of-the-year awards along the way.

The Bard Press imprint has given the world, among others:

  • Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling and Little Black Book of Connections
  • Gary Keller’s The One Thing
  • The Full Plate Diet
  • Wizard of Ads Trilogy by Roy H. Williams

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