Question about New Sedation Regulations

A DOCS Education member asks:
Hi, I came across some topics about upcoming regulation across the nation. Wondering if this is valid in California too. Can you guys tell me more? I hear that we aren't allowed to titrate medications anymore and have to give single dose when patients come in for sedation, and if we want to, we would have to be IV certified. Thank you!

Also, I would appreciate any detail on California regulations that you can share. Thanks again!

John Bitting, DOCS Education regulatory attorney, responds:

No - California hasn't changed anything yet. The CA legislature ordered the CA dental board to review its sedation laws and rules (mostly focusing on pediatric sedation) and submit the board's recommended changes to the legislature for review. It will be at least a year before the legislature can pass a new law. It will be at least another year before the board can promulgate new rules. And those are conservative projections.

ADA Resolution 37 didn't have anything to do with this, and the CA board's recommendations to the legislature don't resemble Res 37. I actually thought the recommendations were rather sensible - I estimate that the end result will be that adult OCS permits will be grandfathered down into adult minimal sedation permits, hopefully without dosage restrictions, and might require ACLS or advanced airway management courses, so nothing horrible should happen there.

Pediatric minimal sedation will be different though. Current pediatric OCS permits should be grandfathered down to pediatric minimal sedation permits, and will require PALS. However, under age 7 will be limited to one sedative type and staff training will be required.

I am monitoring this very closely for updates!

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