Ninth Annual Sedation Safety Week Another Success

According to estimates, more than 92 million Americans are fearful of seeing a dentist. Thanks to sedation dentistry, 20-plus million of these patients have overcome their hesitancy and received safe, pain-free, oral health treatments without incident. However, as a sedation education provider, we seek to elevate the standard of sedation care in an environment of reasonable regulation, and take time each year to re-focus on the root of our passion for sedation dentistry: transforming smiles and transforming lives.

Day 1: The DOCS Proclamation
With phones ringing, broken or malfunctioning equipment, team members who call in sick, and the myriad of other distractions that are part of everyday dental practice life, it's understandable that sometimes we lose sight of the big picture. That’s why DOCS Education has created a Proclamation declaring a renewed focus on safe sedation, oral health and a commitment to service.

Day 2: Don’t Fear Capnography
Part two of Sedation Safety week is a crash course in capnography and how it can increase safety for your patients. This handy article is a crash-course in implementing and decoding this technology, which until recently was seldom seen outside of hospital anaesthesiology procedures.

Day 3: Safe Sedation Dentist of the Year
Sedation Safety Week salutes Dr. Kaveh Ghaboussi, an exemplary sedation practitioner. Dr. Ghaboussi discovered the magic of sedation dentistry while working for a large dental group. As the most most junior doctor, he frequently saw the patients the other docs didn't want to work on. These patients were often hard to get numb, gagged at the slightest touch, and were pathologically anxious. Sedation changed all of that, easing the patient’s discomfort and improving the experience of the dentist working on them!

Day 4: “Parallel Lines” in Sedation Dentistry
Part of being a medical practitioner of any kind is keeping your patients safe, of course, but also keeping yourself safe from liability. DOCS Regulatory attorney John Bitting explores the dual connection of patient and doctor safety in his piece for Sedation Safety Week’s Thursday article.

Day 5: Smiling as a Mirror
A healthy smile means more than looking good, writes reporter Dean Rotbart. An overwhelming body of evidence places oral health as an indicator of whole-body health, and by restoring a smile, one is restoring a powerful connection to the patient’s health as a whole.

We urge you to join us in our We Believe in Smiles Campaign and come together as a profession for patient safety, whole-body health, and and better access to care across the country!

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