If It’s Your Dream One Day to Sell Your Dental Practice, Brace Yourself

When it’s time to retire and sell your dental practice, don’t be shocked to discover how little your business is worth. David C. Barnett, an expert on business valuations, explains the problem and what steps you must take now to avoid it.

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Is your dental practice a business or a custom-made job?

David C. Barnett, an expert on business valuations and how to buy or sell small businesses, meets with many health care professionals and small business owners who are disappointed to learn that their companies have little market value without them.

To own a genuine business, David tells Good News Dentistry™ host Dean Rotbart, you must have systems, procedures, and processes in place that aren’t reliant on any single individual.

The good news for dentists is that it’s never too late to transform a practice built around a single owner-operator into one that has the systems and infrastructure to sail along without the owner – and thus, to be attractive to arm’s-length investors and buyers.

If one day you plan to sell your practice, or you would like to transform your practice from one wholly dependent on you into one that will attract serious buyers, you’ll want to hear what David has to say on this edition of Good News Dentistry™.

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