How Dentists Can Clear the Obstacles and Greet Each Workday with Enthusiasm

Did you arrive at the office today inspired to see patients and do all the necessary administrative work? Procter & Gamble veteran and author Scott Mautz helps professionals stay motivated and create a supportive organizational culture.

As dentists and entrepreneurs, we are driven by an internal fire that motivates us to face and overcome the myriad of obstacles that regularly confront us.

But sometimes that internal spark dims – or goes out entirely. How do we maintain – or regain – the fire within, week in and week out, year in and year out?

On this edition of Good News Dentistry™, Fortune 500 veteran Scott Mautz, now CEO of his own company, Profound Performance, examines the nine forces that block professional and personal success, and provides ways to clear those obstacles.

The result: greater professional satisfaction, peak performance, and the ability both to attract and keep satisfied employees.

A former senior executive with Procter & Gamble, whose well-known oral health brands include Crest, Fixodent, and Oral-B, Scott is the author of the newly released book, Find the Fire: Ignite Your Inspiration and Make Work Exciting Again, published by the American Management Association.

Scott is interviewed by Dean Rotbart, a former award-winning reporter and columnist with The Wall Street Journal, and host of Good News Dentistry™.

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