Helping a Patient with Hepatitis C Get the Care They Need

A DOCS Education member writes in:
I have a 30 year old male patient desiring a sedation appointment. His only significant medical condition is Hepatitis C, treated with Harvoni. I cannot find anything in the literature to contraindicate oral sedation, but I just wanted to run it by the DOCS forum in case.

Dr. Anthony S. Feck, DOCS Education Dean of Faculty, responds:

The concern with treating hepatitis C patients is two-fold. First, contracting the disease from them if they are a chronic carrier, and second, the possible compromise in synthetic functions and biotransformation.

The first concern can be addressed by using universal precautions. The second concern can be addressed by a medical consult in which you obtain their physician's opinion as well as the patient's liver function tests. You want to make sure your patient is not in their acute phase of the infection, and you want the patient's AST and ALT to be below 200 units/L.

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