Five Must-Have Reception Area Gadgets for Fall 2017

Patients usually won’t admit this, but a fifteen-minute chance to decompress before the appointment is often a welcome break from a busy life. These great gadgets make any reception area a welcoming and fun place for patients to distract themselves and unwind before treatment.

1. Magnetic Toys
Magnets, with their endless shapes and configurations are an excellent choice, and since they adhere to metal objects (such as a tabletop) there’s not much of a risk of losing the pieces. Users can repel, attract and attempt to create domino-effect chain reactions with them.

2. Fidget Toys
These toys have taken the internet by storm in the last few months. Cubes, chains and spinners abound in a seemingly endless variety of colors, shapes and configurations. These fun little gadgets in many cases are so cheap you could even allow interested patients to take one home for free.

3. Logic Puzzles
More complicated and purpose-built than fidget toys, logic puzzles are a more engaging way to distract oneself while waiting. All kinds of great gadgets are out there to unhook, detangle, or otherwise solve. For a fun office challenge, order a particularly hard puzzle and tell patients that if they solve it, they can keep it (or exchange it for a prize).

4. Perplexus Maze
Essentially a ball maze on steroids contained in a clear plastic sphere, Perplexus globes are some of the most challenging and fun dexterity games out there. Manipulating the globe moves the marble inside a three-dimensional maze with buckets, pinwheels, gaps to jump and more. These great distractions come in multiple shapes, sizes and difficulty levels.

5. Crossword Tablets
Whether you reconfigure a Kindle Fire or iPad or use one of the purpose-built tablets out there, crossword puzzles and Sudoku are a classic time-passer. Electronic versions allow players to download whatever themed puzzle they wish, as well as receive hints and trivia about the questions. For a low-tech alternative, a clipboard-style book with tear-out sheets allows patients to take the puzzle with them when they leave if they haven’t finished.

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