A "Best in the Nation Sedation Dentist" - Dr. Brian McKay

Meet Dr. Brian McKay, a long-time DOCS Education member and one of our "2018 Best in the Nation Sedation Dentists." Dr. McKay specializes in comprehensive restorations and has safely and successfully treated more than 3,000 patients relying on his DOCS Education sedation training. In return for his hard work and dedication, Dr. McKay enjoys a professional and personal lifestyle that he, himself, describes as "the best thing in the world."


DOCS Education is proud to showcase members of our “2018 Best in the Nation Sedation Dentists” honor society.

This edition’s luminary: Dr. Brian McKay, Advanced Cosmetic Implant & Laser Dentistry, which provides care to patients throughout Seattle, the Puget Sound region, and Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and Oregon.

On the day Incisor visited with Dr. Brian McKay in his Seattle practice, he had just treated a new patient who was seeing a dentist for the first time in 30 years.

Needless to say, the patient presented with an array of oral health problems.

Comprehensive dentistry has become Dr. McKay’s forte. Utilizing moderate enteral sedation – as taught by DOCS Education – it is not uncommon for Dr. McKay to restore 20 teeth in a single session, or to do 15 teeth and have a specialist come in to place six or seven implants during the same visit.

In just five or six hours, Dr. McKay can complete a whole-mouth restoration – while his patient is completely comfortable –– that other general dentists would need to accomplish in multiple visits if they could tackle such complex care at all.

“To have a patient be thankful enough to hug me when they see me next, whether there was one tooth or 28, is what makes the world go round for me,” Dr. McKay says.

Over the years, Dr. McKay has gotten more than a few hugs, having treated 3,000-plus patients; restoring not only their health and smile but also their lifestyle.

Dr. McKay is one of DOCS Education’s earliest enrollees. In fact, in the late 1990s, when he took his first class from DOCS Education founder Dr. Michael D. Silverman, the organization had not yet formally been registered.

In the intervening years, Dr. McKay, a consummate student, has attended multiple DOCS Education courses and refreshers, and has changed the focus of his practice at least five times.

The ALWAYS Approach to Safety

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is Dr. McKay’s adherence to the proprietary safety-first sedation protocols he’s learned from DOCS Education.

“It is so simple,” Dr. McKay explains. “We have a thing we call ‘ALWAYS’ here. We don’t deviate. We always follow the DOCS protocol.” As a result, despite his thousands of comprehensive cases, including treating medically compromised patients, Dr. McKay has never faced a dental emergency that necessitated him using a sedation reversal agent on a patient.

Dr. McKay says he’d encourage every dentist who wants their patients to be safe and comfortable to offer moderate enteral sedation as taught by DOCS Education. “Yes, you’ll do more dentistry, too, but the number one reason is that if the patients are happy, you’re happy.”

A Seattle native, Dr. McKay is a graduate of the USC Dental School in Los Angeles and has served as Clinical Instructor at the Las Vegas Institute (LVI) for Advanced Dental Studies. He has lectured and taught thousands of dental students internationally.

In return for all of his hard work and dedication to patients and the dental profession, Dr. McKay’s DOCS Education training has enabled him to live an enviable lifestyle.

Dr. McKay practices four days a week and takes a week off each month, using the opportunity to escape to Sun Valley, Idaho, where he has a second home and indulges nearly 50 days annually in his passion: skiing.

The success his practice has enjoyed, and the fact that he has no problem attracting as many paying comprehensive cases as he and his team can accommodate, has allowed Dr. McKay and his team to also offer pro-bono restorative care to bulimic eating disorder patients (who destroy their teeth with stomach acid).

On reflection, Dr. McKay admits he is living a charmed life.

“Sometimes, I have to pinch myself,” he confesses. “It’s so great to be able to be a dentist, do what I love, and have patients appreciate what I do. That’s the best thing in the world.”

Editor’s Note: Since DOCS Education’s founding in 1999, more than 22,000 dentists have completed one or more DOCS Education courses.

That is a large and elite community.

Many of our doctors have gone on to build impressive practices offering fearful and anxious patients a means to restore and maintain their oral health. Thanks to DOCS Education-trained professionals, millions of people have enjoyed – and continue to enjoy – the benefits of dentistry without panic or pain.

While every dentist who provides patients with safe, effective sedation following the proprietary DOCS Education protocols deserves a salute, some of our most distinguished graduates have earned the hallmark of “Best in the Nation” – a designation our faculty and staff bestow on fewer than 1-in-every-200 of our alumni.

If you know of a DOCS Education alumnus who merits inclusion in our awards program, please email us at Nominations@DOCSEducation.com. In 100 words or less, tell us why this dentist is among the elite of the elite. Please be sure to include your name and contact information, should we have any questions.

By the way, feel free to nominate yourself. Who knows better than you what an outstanding job you’re doing?

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